Sculptures and various creations



L' Authentique Boutique
2 passage Tour Toulze
81140 Castelnau de Montmiral

Wood-Iron-Leather-Stone these noble materials have attracted me to work them as man has done since the dawn of time.
Once sculpted, engraved or cut, they take on another dimension if the imagination is there!
My different creations come from the way I look at nature.
Inspiration comes with the first contact with the depths of the material which will give the hand the guidelines of the gesture and time will end up refining my works.

In 1997 I registered as an artisan artist.
For me, before being an artist, you need the hands of an artisan. After several trades, it was in 2018 that I launched my micro-enterprise HUCREATIONS by diversifying into:

-carving in wood and stone with a specialty of tiki culture: TIKI HUC
- Wood and leather engraving and pyrography
-Renovations and makeovers of furniture and vintage objects
-Furniture creations

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